Thermal Spa

Best Luxury Thermal Spa Hotels in Greece
Discover the powerful healing properties of natural spring waters in one of the best Luxury Thermal Spa Hotels in Greece. Ideas for splendid summer or winter holidays that promote the sense of well-being in magnificent, luxurious seaside locations in Greece.
What is a thermal spa?
“Thermal” comes from the Greek word Greek “therme” that means warm/heated. In ancient Greece and Rome the word therme was related to “hot baths”, a common practice for treating specific illnesses and also obtaining overall sense of wellness. Many of the ancient thermal springs in Greece are still in use today and thus have centuries old histories. Some of them are incorporated into spa & wellness centers, where the thermal waters are used into swimming pools, hydrotherapy baths and mud therapies.
Healing Power
Thermal spring water is known since antiquity for its healing and therapeutic properties as well as for its beneficial action to human body. Those properties and owed to the long route that rain water follows through rocky mountains before coming to the surface. During this lengthy voyage, the water becomes rich in minerals and carbon dioxide and is exempt from bacteria and pollution. The minerals range from iron, calcium, lithium and radium, depending on their source. The benefits of thermal spring water include enhanced blood circulation, detoxification and purification. Thanks to its purifying effect and antioxidant properties thermal water is perfect for those with atypical skin types. Its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties help in the treatment of eczema, psoriasis and rosacea. Thermal water has been used for years to treat arthritis, joint pain, burns and also some gynecological issues.
Best Thermal Spa Resorts in Greece
At luxury thermal Spas in Greece, located in some of the best 5-star luxury Resorts, spring waters are incorporated into alternative medicinal treatments, hydrotherapy baths and at in some destinations into beauty products too. The vast range of special medical treatments with the use of thermal water, the fitness opportunities, the top-quality facilities, the beauty & skincare products and the excellent accommodation facilities, enable Thermal Resorts & Spas in Greece to offer fabulous holistic holidays to the guests. Guests can indulge in the luxury of the lush surroundings and rejuvenate in natural hot thermal baths, restoring their health and well-being while enjoying splendid summer or winter holidays, in great locations. 



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