Géto Suprême - OKINAWA

Okinawa's treasure in an exceptional cream
It all began five years ago when the founders of Cinq Mondes Jean-Louix Poiroux and Nathalie Bouchon-Poiroux traveled to Japan with the yearning to discover Okinawa, the champion of our planet's five "blue zones": timeless regions characterized by the extaordinary longevity of their inhabitants. While meeting people, walking in the countryside and going to the markets, they came across Gétô. This plant is at the heart of beauty rituals and eating habits of the people in Okinawa and is their secret to long life, as explained by the residents. When they returned to Paris and carried out studies at Cinq Mondes Laboratories, they were really stunned by the results that revealed the incredible cell regeneration properties of the plant and its active ingredients that stimulate and "awaken" the cells, inducing the skin to find its own powers of youth.
Over 900 laboratory tests and numerous exploratory trips later, their adventure culminated in a truly exceptional cream: Géto Supreme, facial skincare that draws its effectiveness from Okinawa's extraordinary pharmacopoeia to prevent and correct the signs of ageing. 
A new chapter in the universe of beauty treatments based on botanical biotechnology began..
Organic extraction in a sustainable plantation
Respect for nature is a core commitement for Cinq Mondes.The organic Géto leaves are grown on the main island of Okinawa in a close-knit agricultural company practising organic, sustainable and repsonsible farming. The leaves are hand-harvested in small quantities after undergoing rigorous selection. The purest and most effective active components are extracted using a green extraction process that respects both people and the environment.
Ultimate Cell Regeneration
Thanks to Cinq Mondes Laboratories' know-how, purity of the organic Géto extract is preserved to release its extaordinary properties in the skin. After more than 5 years' research, 934 laboratory trials and 1 exclusive patent peding, a Géto extract with exceptional properties was developed. The results:
• A positive impact on 42 genes involved in skin ageing
• +53% of type I collagen in the dermis* 
• visible regeneration after 3 days

Naturally lifted, skin regains firmness, density and elasticity in the long run. Wrinkes are smoothed the facial oval is firmer** and the skin is deeply hydrated and radiant.
* study carried out on aged skin explants with daily application of the organic Géto extract over 7 days 
** User trial: 22 women, results after 28 days

Géto Supreme is more than just a cream: it's a phenomenon! It is an outstanding global anti-ageing treatment that helps skin regain its original force and recreate its own firmness, density and elasticity with the help of Géto the long-life plant from Okinawa that acts within the cells, "awakening" them.

Its innovative serum-in-a cream texture allows a 2 in 1 action: the serum heart immediately penetrates the skin, reactivating the youth mechanisms and the cream forms a non greasy film for intense comfort and a velvety finish. 

A jewel-like setting for a unique wellness ritual
Géto Suprême is presented in a prestigious gift box with a display window A recyclable glass jar, pink gold colour, engraved with a Géto flower, is cushioned in a recess to house and protect this exceptional cream. A beautiful item that matches the jar can be found in a secret drawer. It has a two-fold use, as a spatula and a massage accessory, quickly making it an indispensable tool for smoothing the features and stimulating energy points. It is cold! Well, it’s supposed to be…. The refreshing contact of metal on the skin encourages blood circulation. The spatula side of the accessory smooths the neck, the cheeks and the forehead and the round side of the accessory is used to smooth wrinkles and fine lines. 
Géto Suprême is available in Greece at the Orloff Spas and the Spas of Cinq Mondes in Greece and is exclusively distributed in Greece by Orfloff Spa Experts.
Pictures from the official presentation of Géto Suprême from Orloff Spa Experts, at Orloff Spa Thisio on Thursday, February the 7th 2019:
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