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Ko Bi Do - A natural, face lift

Cosmetic surgery and treatments may appear to be booming but a lot of women nowadays prefer a non-invasive, natural approach. Holistic facials combining face massage and acupressure techniques restore a healthy, blooming complexion and can effectively fight the signs of age. Such treatments, like the Ko Bi Do massage, Reiki for face and Facial Acupuncture, are not time-consuming, they leave no scars and although they can provide a botox-like effect, they keep the face full of life and expression.

What is a Ko Bi Do massage?

Coming from the ancient medical traditions of Japan, where beauty is the optimal state of health, this sophisticated massage technique produces a natural lifting effect without any invasive method. Utilizing meridians and acupoints in conjuction with a specialized massaging discipline, this unique modality consists of a genuine, natural face-lift. It is considered as one of the most powerful methods for the prevention and treatment of the signs of age as it effectively smoothes the features and tones the neck. The 90min session, a global anti-ageing face treatment, is combined with an active body massage that stimulates the flow of energy and is targeted on specific areas like the neck, the palms and the feet and induces a general feeling of comfort and wellness. Ko Bi Do anti-wrikle, re-pulping facial does not act merely on the skin. It also aims to stimulate the energy pathways (known as meridians) and to rebalance the internal organs and body systems, including the nervous system, offering a complete sense of relaxation and well-being.  

Ko Bi Do is an anti-wrikle, re-pulping facial treatment with a unique efficient technique that prolongs and gives back youth to the face, by stimulating the flow of energy, eliminating toxins and toning the facial muscles. 

Experiencing a Ko Bi Do massage

Wishing to discover the powerful benefits of this treatment, we visited the well known Orloff Spa at Life Gallery hotel in Athens in order to experience a 90min session of Ko Bi Do massage, with the signature of Orloff Spa Experts. Nuzzled amidst the luxuriant nature of Ekali, Orloff Spa invites guests to release all tension and revitalize their senses with world-class spa services, spa rituals from North Africa and superb aquatic facilities. 
The treatment started with the therapist placing warm towels under the neck and gently lifting and swaying the head, creating a sense of lightiness. It continued with gentle make up removing and exfoliation with slow hand's movements, followed by a massage at different speed levels, in order to improve the deep circulation of the face, the neck and the upper part of the chest. Then, the therapist used the special Ko Bi Do massage technique that was like "sculpting" the face, along with applying pressure to tsubos (pressure points). This procedure allowed the skin to tighten, it restored the facial muscles and tissues to their normal length, it brought elasticity and smoothed the appearance of the wrinles.  
During the application of the mask, the therapist performed a divine massage at the upper back, the hands and the feet, using reflexology pressure points to stimulate the internal organs of the body and create an overall sense of well-being. 
The treatment concluded with the application of the Géto Suprême cream by Cinq Mondes, an outstanding global anti ageing cream. The skin was extremely supple and soft and it was amazing to see that the lifting effect of this treatment is actually visible from the very first session.
A big thank you to Maria, the trainer & therapist, whose experienced hands work miracles. 
Spa cosmetics that were used in this treatment
The treatment was performed with the following spa cosmetics, available for purchase in Greece at Orloff Day Spas.
A 3-in-1 micelar water that removes makeup from the face and eyes, cleanses and tones all types of skin. Exfoliator providing a gentle micro-peel for immediate radiant, soft and smooth skin.

An anti-pollution mist that refreshes the skin, protects it against external aggressions and gives to it an express radiance boost. Skin looks more beautiful in just a few minutes.  This serum is a a soothing treatment that repairs, restores suppleness and provides comfort to facial skin, especially to the sensitive skin.
Combining 2 patented anti-wrinkle active ingredients this serum plumps up the delicate areas of the face: eyes, lips and forehead making skin look visibly younger. A remarkable 3 in 1 active ointment that controls wrinkles from dehydration, pufiness and dark shadows around the eye contour.
Geto Supreme - The Cream is the new revolutionary, global anti-ageing solution presented by Cinq Mondes Laboratories for ultimate cell regeneration. This miraculous cream contains all the exceptional properties of the organic plant Geto, the secret of youth of Okinawa centenarians. A remarkable SOS mask that quenches the most thirsty skin. It provides instantaneous comfort thanks to its extra fresh, creamy texture and velvety finish. Its exotic fragrance of jasmine, bergamot and cedarwood ensures a sensorial journey.