Best Spa Treatments in Athens: THE MARGI REJUVENATION


The Margi Rejuvenation is a 90min amazing full body ritual with herbs and botanicals from the hotel's organic farm. 
Surrounded by vineyards and olive trees, the Margi Farm was an inspired idea of the Margi hotel owners to cover the hotel's needs for raw materials and also to represent a "model" farm highlighting the local and seasonal products. Keeping mechanical methods to the minimum and using only natural farming practices, the farm produces cold pressed olive oil, rose wine from Mesogaia region, traditional tsipouro, fresh soft cheese made from goat milk, artichokes, wild asparagus, herbs and vegetables all year round, seasonal fruits, wild greens and fresh eggs. 
From the farm straight to the spa room, the herbs are carefully selected to serve the ultimate purpose of the Rejuvenate on the Riviera treatment which is: to rejuvenate body & mind, to eliminate accumulated fatigue and to deeply hydrate the skin.

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Treatment Ritual

We would like to thank the Margi Spa and the Spa Manager, Mrs. Amanthi, for the extremely beneficial session we received. From the first minute we arrived at the Margi Spa we were immediately captured by the sense of tranquility and peacefulness that pervaded the space, so elegantly decorated with earthy colors and Buddhas statues, that enhance the sense of inner peace.

The treatment started with a full body exfoliation with a freshly made scrub, prepared on the spot. The therapist blended different natural raw ingredients such as sea salt, pure olive oil and savory herb, creating an exfoliating scrub that cleansed the skin deeply. Τhe aroma was distinctive, with vivid tones of lavender essential oil, reflecting the specific mixture of herbal seasoning.

After the 30min exfoliation, the body was envelopped with an also hand-made refreshing body mask prepared with youghurt and green clay. During the time needed for the mask to act (30minutes), the therapist performed a wonderfully relaxing scalp massage which induced a feeling of calmness, using a mix of botanical oils like laurel oil, olive oil and essential oils like sandalwood and orange. 

The final step of the treatment included a completely relaxing full body massage that lasted for 60 minutes and was performed with a blend of essential oils. 

The fresh, hand made peeling and the body mask with greek herbs, consist of an astonishing beauty prescription formulated by Mrs. Amanthi the Spa Manager, and are available for sale at the spa reception. A really great souvenir to take home or offer as a gift!
Spa products used in the treatement
The Margi Spa Products
Hand made natural (sea salt & savory) Scrub Hand made nutritious hair oil mask with laurel & olive oil
Fleurs d' orange by Margi Spa  

Other spa products

Liquid Soap by Charme d' Orient Distilled Orange Blossom Water by Charme d' Orient


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