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A Luxury Spa Hotel in Athens that operates its own Organic Farm.

A luxury Spa Hotel in Athens that operates its own Organic Farm
photo credits : www.margifarm.gr
The Margi Farm was created in 2015 and became a real relaxation paradise for nature lovers, situated in the countryside of Athens (Kalyvia, Attiki). This 20,000 square meters wonderful piece of land, surrounded by vine yards and olive trees, combines the right environmental conditions with natural farming practices, watering the land with its own irrigation system and enriching it with natural methods and produces excellent quality organic vegetables and fruit, extra virgin olive oil, eggs and cheese.
The farm was the dream of the family behind The Margi Hotel that was brought to life after combining their kwowledge with their passion in order to cover the hotel's needs in fresh raw materials and to represent a "model" farm that highlights the local seasonal products. 
photo credits: www.themargifarm.gr
The farm produces rose wine from Mesogaia region, traditional tsipouro, fresh soft goat cheese, artichokes, wild asparagus and herbs and seasonal fruits of fragrance. Using only high quality raw materials, highlighting the special characteristics of Greek cuisine and local products, and with colors, aromas and flavors complementing each other throughout all the season , the products of the farm are just some of the gifts of nature that fill the table and inspire award-winning chefs to create authentic Mediterranean and Greek dishes at The Margi Hotel's restaurants.
Using herbs, botanicals and other ingredients from farm, the team of The Margi Spa prepares natural spa products that you can enjoy at specicif spa treatments and also purchase as a gift or for your own use at home. 
"From Farm to Fork"
"From Farm to Fork", a widespread idea, especially abroad, which was awarded the Silver Award as an innovative concept in the F&B at the Tourism Awards 2015. It is an educational, recreational, interactive, culinary and symposium activity. Guests have the opportunity to learn a lot about Greek cuisine and the products of Greek land. In collaboration with farmers and the agronomist, kids and adults have the opportunity to experience the Farm and the products that thrive at all times of the year, to feed animals, to play traditional farm games, and to harvest various vegetables and eggs from coop. They can also watch a live cooking demonstration by learning the secrets of the recipies and enjoy an authentic and organic Greek dinner in a beautiful natural setting, each menu carefully selected by the chef and based on seasonal vegetables. An enchanting trip to the world of authentic Greek flavors!
Hospitality and events
The Farm is open all year and is available for private excursions and for corporate or social events, making it a destination suitable for any occasion. Discover more about the activities, services and products offered at www.margifarm.gr and enjoy a journey in rural life full of good food and wine.