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Spa Treatmetns with Cretan products - A new trend

Cretan land or Earth of Abundance is a fertile place with a mild Mediterranean climate and rich nature and land.The island is famous for its amazing local products and unique plants and herbs, many of which are native only on Crete and are known for their excellent healing and anti-ageing properties. The fertile land of the island favors the cultivation of olive trees and fruit trees. Due to the abundance of wild herbs and especially thyme, beekeeping and wild herb collection are highly developed.
Cretan cosmetics
With their use beginning in antiquity, the history of Cretan cosmetics reaches back to the Minoan era 4,500 years ago, when cosmetics were considered sacred and they were the second export product after the vessels. The Minoans collected different herbs and they inserted them in olive oil making aromatic oils, beeswax, resin from lavender, pine, ditta, aland, etc. and produced creams and ointments in specially designed areas called "mirepsia" (=cosmetic manufacturing facilities).
The rich Greek heritage, the unique properites of Cretan botanicals and their long use in traditional beauty recipes, has inspired many young people in Crete to create products and cosmetics from pure, natural materials. Over time, several local businesses have been developed that use locally sourced plants and herbs to create wonderful face, hair and body products.
Some of these companies are: Cretan Olive Oil Spa, Olivaloe, Bioaroma, Hellenic Aloe, Amalthia Cosmetics, Aphrodite and Agrecofarms. 
Spa treatments with Cretan products - A new trend
As the cosmetology industry has made a turn towards plant-based, natural ingredients, so have many distinguished Spas and Hotels in Greece and especially in Crete. To ensure safe, healthy but also effective skin care for their guests, they propose treatments that use raw greek ingredients or greek-made cosmetics, many with certified organic botanicals and no synthetic additives.
This new trend is most common in Crete, where the rich flora provides all the ingredients to produce safe cosmetics with high concentration in botanicals, extremely effective against a plethora of skin concerns. The spas and hotels that lead the way in Crete, towards the use of cretan products in spa treatments are: The Royal Blue,which in summer 2019 launched a brand new menu of spa treatments based on authentic cretan products, Pilot Beach  which maintains a biological farm and uses the biological Pilot olive oil in its unique spa treatments and, Grecotel Hotels & Resorts that has gone the extra mile, operating for 17 years it's own organic farm. 


Grecotel Agreco Farm in Crete revives centuries-old farming methods in a traditional village setting.