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Evexia Spa - The new luxury Spa in Santorini

Evexia Spa - The new luxury Spa in Santorini

Andronis Arcadia Hotel is the newest addition to the Andronis Exclusive family of five-star hotels, villas and honeymoon retreats on the idyllic island of Santorini. The hotel is located on the fringe of picturesque Oia, an easy stroll from the village centre, but far enough away to ensure peace and privacy. The all-suite hotel offers guests the highest standards of comfort and elegant living space, in keeping with the Andronis Exclusive reputation for excellence and personal service. Every suite has its own pool, situated to capture the magical views towards the Aegean sea and the island’s unforgettable sunsets.


Evexia Spa

Evexia Spa was developed in partnership with Denise Leicester, the founder of the organic skincare brand ila and Dr Julia Frost who is a recognized pioneer in the field of Interactive Neurostimulation therapy. Evexia Spa incorporates harmoniously the spirit-enhancing energy of the island into tailored treatments, traditional massage techniques and soothing rituals that calm the soul and revives the spirit.

One of the signature treatments of Evexia Spa is the Water Path, that takes place in the outside area of the Spa with panoramic view over the island, allowing guests to enjoy the majestic sunset of Santorini while they experience the ultimate cryo therapy. Cryo bandages and Walks in the Kneipp pools introduce guests to the healing effects of a hot and cold therapy that narrows the blood vessels and vascular expansion which promotes blood and lymphatic circulation throughout the body, while lymphatic drainage massage aims in detoxifying the body, support the immune system and clear “sluggish” tissues.

The treatments available on the spa menu aim to increase deep relaxation, relieve the nervous system and balance the effect of sleep disturbances, which is the major contributor of stress and mental fatigue. The therapists channel the magical energy of the island through the connection with the environment, using local herbs and oils and fuse modern techniques with ancient traditions, attaining deeper levels of emotional, mental and physical balance.

Evexia Spa cares about the wellbeing of planet Earth and also about guests' wellbeing and recognizes that these two are inter-connected. For this reason it uses the ila Beyond Organic spa products, that are free from chemical fertilisers, they are vegan friendly and never tested on animals. 

The most extraordinary feature of Evexia Spa is the Hair Profiling Test, an exclusive treatment and a totally unique screening program that is supervised by Dr.Zulia Frost. The test provides a full wellness profile following a non- invasive bio-energy approach. With only a piece of hair and within 20 minutes, guests can have a full wellness profile to use as the basis to build a well-being programme for their stay with exact lifestyle and nutritional tips based on their stress levels and custom needs.



A visit to Kallos Spa is about promoting harmony in mind, body and spirit. Happiness and mental wellness are achieved through a path of exceptional spa facilities, indulgent, reviving treatments, yoga sessions and detox meals specially prepared in the resort's restaurant.